New data reveals over 1,400 green jobs in Chesterfield could replace jobs lost to Covid in just two years

Written by on 27 April 2021

New research shows that over 1,466 jobs could be created in Chesterfield across green infrastructure and care work in the next two years/ten years.

The data, compiled by Green New Deal UK, shows that Chesterfield is likely to suffer over 1,148 permanent job losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, losses which could be replaced entirely with jobs in new and existing industries.

The data includes jobs in sectors like solar energy, offshore wind, social care and energy efficiency – all of which are essential to the UK meeting its national and international climate targets.

These jobs would also be in line with Chesterfield Borough Council’s declaration of a climate emergency and subsequent Climate Action Plan.

Previous research from Green New Deal UK found that 1.2m green jobs could be created throughout Britain in the next two years at a cost of around £68bn – far less than the £100bn infrastructure investment commitment made last year.

This news comes at the same time that the Government has just cut air passenger duty on domestic flights, frozen fuel duty, invested £27 billion in a roads programme, tried to open a new coal mine and cut £1.5 billion from the flagship home energy efficiency programme.

Greg Hewitt, of Chesterfield Climate Alliance, said: “This research shows that you can tackle unemployment and create jobs whilst tackling climate change at the same time. We know that we can’t afford not to do this. There’s an unemployment crisis and a climate crisis and a Green New Deal can create thousands of good green jobs right here in Chesterfield. We all know that climate change is going to have a huge impact everywhere and we can’t let people just fall by the wayside.”

“The Government could invest in these green jobs right now to boost our economic recovery but they are refusing to. If you compare what we are spending to France and Germany and the US we are falling behind what is really needed to tackle unemployment and the recession, let alone sort out climate change.”

“With Chesterfield having such strong history in coal mining, we feel it is important to provide support people to retrain, reskill and have a plan in place to support ex-workers and their livelihoods. Meanwhile, young people are being hit the hardest by the unemployment crisis and we need good green jobs now.”

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