Support Local Businesses in Hasland this October

Written by on 6 October 2020

Trudy Ford, Editor of the Hasland Magazine, spoke to Spire Radio this week about Hasland’s Fiver Fest,b taking place from 10th to 24th October.


The Totally Locally Fiver Fest is a nationwide celebration of Britain’s fantastic small businesses and shops. Many are run by families or individuals, but ALL contribute massively to the economy of the UK and the wellbeing of our towns.


This year Hasland is joining FiverFest, a community shopping event created by the team at and promoted locally by Hasland Magazine.


The shopping event will take place from the 10th – 24th October. Many local businesses will be offering a special £5 deal for the two weeks. The idea is to show you the diversity and value of what they sell and to say thank you to the communities that support them. We hope that you will visit a few shops that you may not have tried before and discover a new favourite.


Posters will be up in shop windows and there will be a Facebook page dedicated to sharing all of the offers far and wide.


Take a look at the fantastic offers then please, please pop into your local shops and businesses and support them. You may discover a new local store or food outlet!


Spending just £5 a week in your local area makes a big difference and Fiver Fest promotes this message. Our local spending makes a massive difference to the livelihoods of local business owners.


Spread the word, look out for the Hasland FiverFest Facebook page and share it – let’s help to promote the amazing range of independent local businesses that we are lucky enough to have nearby!


Huge thanks to LGS Design who have created a Hasland FiverFest banner to be displayed in the Village and have contributed to the production of the posters which advertise the event around the area. Thanks also to Friends of Eastwood Park and Grassland Hasmoor Big Local for their help in spreading the word about the event.


The last national Fiver Fest, in February 2020, saw over 100 towns and thousands of independent shops and businesses joining in. Participants reported big sales and new customers rediscovering their High Street and local stores.


“If Every Adult in The UK spent £5 per week in their local shops and businesses, instead of online, at a national chain or at the big supermarket, it would be worth £13.5 billion going directly into the local economies, per year going directly back into our towns. Which means more jobs, a better high street, a stronger economy & a nicer place to live. Makes you think doesn’t it?!”




Here are some of the deals:


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