CBC Coronavirus Service Update: 16 June 2020

Written by on 16 June 2020

Coronavirus outbreak: Chesterfield Borough Council services update – 16 June 

As we move into the recovery phase of our response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak Chesterfield Borough Council will continue to assess and respond to new requirements and will modify service provision in line with the latest Government guidance. Our priority is to ensure that the locations and workplaces from which we deliver our services are as safe as possible for our communities and staff. 

Homeless Support – Keeping Everyone In 

Chesterfield Borough Council has been actively engaged in the Derbyshire Homeless Officers Group, delivering Derbyshire’s response to the Government’s “Everyone In” initiative, a national effort to house all rough sleepers following the outbreak of Covid-19.

In Chesterfield, the council has successfully provided temporary accommodation for 30 rough sleepers across the borough. 

Local hotels and bed and breakfast facilities were commissioned alongside existing accommodation options. In addition, the council developed a number of new temporary accommodation units within its own housing stock to ensure that all who needed a safe place to stay during the pandemic could be accommodated. 

Following the success of the ‘Everyone In’ initiative the council is now working on ‘Keeping Everyone In’, developing new support arrangements and services to try and ensure that all who have been temporarily accommodated are able to access suitable, permanent accommodation. 

Councillor Chris Ludlow, Chesterfield Borough Council’s cabinet member for housing, said: “The way in which the council and our partners have come together to ensure we could house all of the borough’s rough sleepers through the period of the Covid-19 lockdown has been nothing short of outstanding.

“It is therefore not surprising that our efforts alongside our county colleagues have been recognised nationally in the Local Government Association (LGA) briefing paper on the response to accommodating rough sleepers during the pandemic. 

“However, using hotels and other establishments as temporary accommodation was only ever going to be a short-term solution. Our aim now is to ensure that all of our rough sleepers have an offer of suitable, permanent accommodation and access to wrap-around support services to give them the very best chance of re-building their lives.”

Chesterfield Home Options 

Chesterfield Borough Council is pleased to announce that due to the easing of Government restrictions on the housing market and people being able to move homes, we will be restarting the advertising of council homes through Chesterfield Home Options from Monday 22 June.

Whilst this does not mean an immediate return to ‘business as usual’ services, people will be supported to bid on available properties and successful applicants helped to move into a new home. 

Councillor Chris Ludlow said: “This will be a carefully managed re-start with an initial focus on emergency and priority moves, and supporting those who were offered a new council home before lockdown but who have been unable to move due to the Covid-19 restrictions. 

“We are currently reviewing all of these cases and a member of the council’s Allocations team will be in contact over the next few weeks to arrange a convenient date for those who are able and still wish to move.

“We would like to thank these applicants for their patience and would ask that they bear with us whilst the Allocations team work through the backlog of property offers that have built up over the last few months.”

Any new properties will be advertised on our Home Options system from Monday 22 June, enabling people to place bids on properties of interest to them. 

Anyone wishing to join the housing register and look for a new home please complete the online application: www.home-options.org/register/

Chesterfield and District Crematorium

Following the easing of some lockdown measures, Chesterfield Borough Council has reviewed the restrictions in place at Chesterfield Crematorium. 

From Monday 22 June, we are pleased to report that funeral service times will be extended from 20 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes. Staff at the crematorium will continue to carry out extensive cleaning regimes between each service to reduce the risk to family members and others in attendance.  

Whilst some lockdown measures are starting to ease, in order to ensure the safety of the bereaved and the council’s staff, some restrictions will need to remain in place until further notice. This includes continuing to limit attendance at funerals. In line with Government guidance, attendance is limited to family and household members only as the chapel’s capacity remains limited to a maximum of 24 people. 

Those that might wish to take advantage of the Crematorium’s online streaming service, for the benefit of wider family and friends, can arrange this through their funeral director.

The crematorium building and public toilets will open for services but are otherwise closed to the general public until further notice, this includes the book of remembrance room.

It is recognised that many people visit to view the book of remembrance and find comfort in doing so; those that wish to do so can still view the book online:chesterfield.bookofremembrance.uk/view-books

The grounds of the crematorium will remain open, but all visitors are politely requested to follow social distancing guidelines.

All of Chesterfield Borough Council’s latest service-related updates will be published in the dedicated Coronavirus information hub: www.chesterfield.gov.uk/coronavirus

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